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How do I use Herd?

Herd is the place to find friends that share your interests! After you have created your account, you must select your top 15 interests. From there, we customize your Herd experience each week. Every Sunday, you recieve a new “herd” in the form of a group chat and photo feed. First, let’s talk about the bottom navigation:

  1. Your herd group chat is filled with a small group of people that share 2 of your interests. You have until Saturdary night to “save” the chat, if not, it will disappear.
  2. Your discover feed shows your photos from the last week, shared by people that share 1 or 2 of your interests. You can post a photo or answer a question from the feed. Please note: your photo is only shared with people that share your interests, and all comments are private between you and the poster.
  3. Your chats are private, showing you the conversations you have started via the photo feed. Soon, we will be adding the ability to start chats via the profile.
  4. Your favorites page is private to you. Anytime you come across a pic you like on herd, you can add it to your favorites by tapping the “star” icon.
  5. On each page, you can see the notifications and side navigation on the top. We have limited out of app notifications, and encourage you to turn your notifications on so you don’t miss any updates! We will soon be adding chat notifcations to the app.

Moving on to the secondary pages, which you can find in the side navigation.

  1. Your profile is public, showing the photos you posted over the last 7 days and your shared interests (meaning if I am viewing your profile and we share 2 interests, I will only see 2, whereas someone sharing 9 interests with you will see all 9).
  2. My interests is where you can change your selected 15 interests, once a week. Your interests should represent what you care about, not what content you are posting.
  3. Add a connetion is where you can search for other herd users by handle. Please note, a connection is what other platforms call a “follow”. We don’t share numbers of followers on herd to protect our users well-being and keep the focus on conversation & casual pic sharing.
  4. Settings allows you to change your handle,
  5. Help is this page :)
  6. Share herd helps you spread the word about herd, by sharing it to your friends. We greatly appreciate this support!

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